Dan Whittaker, Designer

PROJECT PORTFOLIO: Commercial Space- Fitness Together, Highland Heights Shopping Center, Saint Paul

"Fitness Together" is not a typical gym for pumping iron and working out. It is a destination for professional adults seeking a lifestyle change through dedicated training and one-on-one supervised exercise. Fitness Together is a place where one client and one trainer work together to meet and exceed personal wellness and growth expectations. The following exterior photographs are images of Fitness Together's current location at 314 East Hennepin Avenue. The photos following are of an orange "Drop Shop" store soon to be converted into Fitness Together's newest location in Highland Hills Shopping Center in Highland Park, Saint Paul. Demolition and new construction photographs will be coming to this web site soon!

Photos of Current Tennant Space (314 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis)

Photos of Future Saint Paul branch location (Previous Tennant: Drop Shop)

Demolition and Construction photos coming soon!

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